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Bob Putnam

  • Happy to find this club, and happy to relate to my fellow MGr owners that I’m more delighted than ever with my car.  I bought the kit in 1985 from a California company named Corsair (went out of business several years ago.) My brother and I used a 69 VW donor car to put it together, taking about 3 weeks.  I replaced the motor a couple years l…[Read more]

  • Bob Putnam replied to the topic MG TD REPLICA REGISTRY in the forum Car Registry 1 month ago

    1. Name: Bob Putnam
    2. Screen name: waterbird
    3. Home City & State: Annapolis, Maryland
    4. Car Location City & State (If different): same
    5. Year and Manufacturer: 1985 Corsair
    6. Engine: VW 1776cc remanufactured by FoMoCo in 1987
    7. Trans: VW 4 spd remanufactured by FoMoCo in 2020
    8. Body color: Red
    9. Top color: Tan
    10. Interior color: Tan
    11. Built by:…

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  • Built my MGTDr in 1985, but only learned about this club a couple days ago! Geezzz, to think of how many questions I might’ve asked over the years. Well, better late than …
    First question, maybe someone can help me remember the name of the company my car came from. I thought I recalled “Modern Classics,” but Paul Mossberg doesn’t r…[Read more]

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