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    Hello all. I’m John and I joined your forum because I have a Classic Roadsters Duches MGTD with a ’79 Chevy Chevette powertrain.  I bought the car for my wife but as it turns out she never warmed up to it. So it’s time to move on.  I thought I might check with the enthusiasts here first to see if there’s any interest.


    The car is in very nice shape. The body is close to flawless. The color is off-white. The interior is like new with the exception of the floor carpet. It’s not bad, just not perfect. The seat, door panels, dash and the area behind the seat are like new. All the electrics work. The lights work. The heater works. The blower works. The gauges work.  The trunk is very good.  The top is in good condition with a few small flaws. The tops frame is fine. The zip in side curtains are like new. There are 3 ignition keys.


    The tires have plenty of tread and have no cracks from drying out. The chrome spoke hubcaps are shiny with no rust. This includes the spare and its hubcap. The frame, rear axle and suspension and front suspension are almost rust free.  No rust on the gas tank and the inside of the tank is clean.  Both bumpers are like new. The front brakes work fine. The pads and rotors look new. The front brakes do not drag or fade. The rear drums and shoes are good. The car rolls and brakes straight.


    Now the not so good.


    It leaks tranny fluid. I removed the pan and tried to fix the leak.  The pan is not rusty but it is a little beat up. I tried to correct it but was not successful. The fluid, filter and gasket are new. The THM 180 auto trans shifts up and down with no issues.


    The engine smokes on start up then clears. All 4 cylinders have 155-165 lbs of compression. It ran fine but has been sitting this winter.  During a recent attempt to start it gas started leaking from the accelerator pump area of the carb.  It needs carb work for sure. The air cleaner with the heat riser and vacuum operated blend door in the snorkel are correct and work. The air filter is new.  The alternator charges fine.  The coolant is new. New thermostat and fresh oil change. There are no leaks in the exhaust system.  The muffler is not rusty.


    I’d like to get $4500 for it but I will listen to all offers.  I tried to attach photos, don’t see how yet.  I’ll do a little digging and will attach photos when I learn how. Thanks for looking.




    is it still available



    Photo instructions as per the great edsnova.


    First you go to your own thing. Upper right corner it should say something like “Howdy, Happy Jack.” Click on that and you get a drop-down menu. At the bottom it says “media.” Hover over that with your curser and you should see another drop-down menu with “albums,” “photos” “videos.” Click on “photos.”

    That should bring you to a new page. If you have previously uploaded pictures, you will see some of them. Under “All Photos” near the top left of the page you will see “options” and “upload.”

    Click on “upload.”

    That opens another drop down box. You can actually drag and drop pictures into this from a folder on your computer screen, or you can navigate to the folder on your computer with the pics. Double click on them and the upload begins. You should see them appear in your photo album.

    To get one into a post you have to click on it.

    It should open up big. Then RIGHT-click on it, and you should see a box open up on it with options like “copy,” “save image as,” etc. Click on “copy image address.”

    Now close the pic and find your way back to the post you want to put this photo in. (I often use two browser windows for this, keeping the “new post” box open in a separate tab or window).

    (Hang on, we’re getting close now)</span></span></span>

    Above the window where you want to make the picture go, there’s a line of little symbols. The second from the left is like a jagged little mountain with a little moon over it. That’s your “insert pic” button. Click it.

    That opens a new box with a prompt that says “Source.” PASTE (control or command V) the “image address” you copied about six steps ago. Then press OK.

    The photo should appear now as if by high-tech magic. So simple even a computer science Ph.D. could do it, sometimes, maybe, if he’d had enough Red B

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"



    By the description this car sounds like a great deal. Wish I was in the market for one.

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