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    Derick Lachance


    Hello, I have been reading these forums for a while and I finally  joined.  I have gotten a ton of great info from here and I wanted to say thank you all.

    I was given a BCW VW kit with the serial number 200.

    It is a great car with a bunch of little issues that my father and I are working through.

    Previously we did a brake conversion on the car.

    Currently we are working on
    -Cleaning up the engine, replacing a bunch of parts
    -New engine tin
    -Stripped out all of the wires, rewiring the car (the car had a lot of issues with shorts)
    -Adjusting the seat so there is more room in the cab
    -Shortening the steering column
    -Making a new dash and replacing some of the less stock looking components
    -Wet sanding and polishing all of the scratches out of the car
    -Replacing the shift tube bushing

    The project has grown a lot since the original plan of just rewiring the car, but I am excited to get so much completed while it is disassembled.  I am lucky as the person who passed the car down gave me all of the old documentation from BCW including sales booklets and all of the documentation from the builder.  If anyone is ever looking for any of the BCW info please feel free to hit me up.

    Dennis P


    woderful, enjoy it.

    edward ericson


    Good on you, Dereck.

    I have a rear-engined BCW and they’re a lot of fun to tool around in, and a really good base for making a passably realistic looking TD replica.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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