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NYTimes on "Barn Finds"

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    edward ericson


    Over-restoration fatigue leads to backlash. Patina is now “in.” But for how long? I give it five years, tops.

    And I say this as a confirmed fan of the “as raced” look. Check the slide show: the last unmolested Shelby Daytona.



    Thanks for this article Ed. Like the article states, there is a difference between patina from years of use and patina from yeras of neglect.


    If I ever came across a, let’s say “barn find”, that I could actually afford, I would clean it and wax it and replace the fluids and minor defects (cracked brake hoses and such) and then show it as an original. But in my affordability range….my TD is about all I can handle. Ah but to dream………………………

    Allen Caron
    VW based 53MGTD - "MoneyPenny"
    "If one thing matters, everything matters" - from the book The Shack

    Dan Rosa


    Well I guess a barn find would be great, if you can find one . There are many out there in barns and sheds ,you just don’t know, unless you stop and ask, you may get shot Cry that IS the hunt .   but you have to ask  . Dan

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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