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Oil Temperature Sensor

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    Tom Albright


    I’m in the process of rebuilding a VW based MiGi II.  I can not locate the VDO gauge oil temperature sesor.  Where should it be located?  I hope I did not lose it when the previous owner swapped engines.  Are they still available? 

    Carlene marie


    VDO has 2 available , FOR vw. One goes in the head of the dipstick, the other goes in the oil drain plug.
    Some folks will drill and tap it to go into the sump instead.
    It’s just a small brass piece with a small button on top. Price a while back ran around $30 for the drain plug one.
    They should list them on their website.

    There are VDOs in the daytona we just got too. It has a pressure sensor that is just under the distributor on the side of the case. So if you have that , that’s where that one is too.



    On one of my cars I used a VDO sender designed to replace the oil pressure control plug on the left rear bottom of the engine. It has the same threads as the original VW plug and works just as well as the oil sump plug I have on my other car and makes for a cleaner installation. The sender is the same dimensions as the OE VW plug and does not make any changes to oil pressure.

    Mark Hendrickson


    I bought a fitting from Peek Performance in Seabrook, MD that allowed you to hook the oil pressure idiot light switch and the oil temp sender to the same port that the OEM oil pressure sender is in on the side of the block.

    I read somewhere (Samba forum?) that the dipstick sender is the best location for accurate oil temp readings…I don’t remember why though.

    Larry Murphy


     I did the way Pink MG  on two different cars and it worked OK. I don’t know if the reading is accurate but I know where the normal reading was so a higher reading will let me know if a problem develops.

    Roland Smullen


    I checked the accuracy of my new oil pan drain plug sender by putting it in boiling water, it read 210 F….. after I remembered to ground it. Duh.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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