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    Michael Ketcham


    Mentioned a while back that I was having heat issues with my cooling system.  Hunkering down at home gave me the perfect opportunity to attempt a solution and I purchased an high performance 2 row  aluminum radiator on Ebay.  Radiator is for a 1992 to 2000 Honda Civic with automatic transmission.  Also bought  a 48 inch stainless radiator hose kit, easily cut with a hack saw and can be bent to the exact configuration. 2nd picture shows old cover sitting on top of installed new cover for comparison


    Detail of upper bracket with radiator in place


    The old radiator slid into a 2 inch high U channel welded to the frame. There are 2 bolt holes used for tightening the clamp and I used them to mount lower radiator support legs. Some 3/4 inch stainless spacers kept the U bracket from collapsing when tightened down.  Legs are 1/4 inch steel from an automatic garage door lifter. 1 inch aluminum angle bar connects the 2 legs together. cut 5/8 inch holes on each side and inserted rubber grommets to isolate the radiator mount pegs from the bar.


    I found the Everco W2495 thermostat cover has a threaded hole for  a thermo switch and replaced my original. Added benefit is that the  hose port points forward toward the radiator, rather than off to the side.



    Detail of upper mounting bracket with radiator in place


    Installed radiator, with hoses


    Ran engine for 1/2 hour. Gauge hit 175 (indicated)  and fan kicked on. Temperature dropped to 125. Hoses never got too hot to hod by hand.  Promising!

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