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    greg press


    This evening i went for a ride beautiful night.On the way home i went up a 2 mile long hill about a 15 degree grade the engine started making pinging noises [tappits?].It got worse the further i went.As soon as i started down it quit and was fine the rest of the way home.[ no hills ]If i were to guess i think it was over heating. What do you guys think?I have never been up this long of a hill with it before.



    My guess:  Ignition is advanced too far.  You can usually reduce it by downshifting but your timing is likely the problem.  Check your book and retard it a bit by rotating the distributor.  Pinging, if severe enough can lead to engine damage.  

    edward ericson


    Yep. Check your timing. Retard it a few degrees and try that hill again. Or go up a grade in gas. 

    john barry


    hmm Didn’t “Two for the Road ” MG TD have pinging?   Tongue  J/K



    Like the man said check the timing, but ( and there is always a butt )  watch your oil preasure if it drops to low it will cause problems. Wacko


    Paul Mossberg


    Gee, I guess I’m late to the party.


    I was going to suggest you check the timing! Approve


    Also, check the operation of the advance.

    Paul Mossberg
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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