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    This post may be particularly valuable to those TDr owners that live in NC.  Perhaps others also.  

    North Carolina has just gone to a Combined Vehicle Registration and Property Tax system whereby the owner must pay the annual property taxes before he can register his vehicle (on the anniversary of the plate expiration).  I am one of those who is of the first to fall under the new system.  
    So, I got my bill two days ago and it showed that the tax value of my TDr was $12,600 and my taxes due was $92.61.  For some reason, I have been collecting the information for all cars sold during the last 1-1/2 years and I knew that $12.6k was way too high.  
    My TDr is registered and titled as a “1952 MG Replica Specially Constructed Vehicle” and has a new NC specific vehicle identification number (a state inspector attached the new vehicle ID #).  I felt that the value should be closer to $4,500 than $12,600 so I went to the tax office this morning and spoke with the head tax dude for over an hour.  Turns out that their new computer system will not accept all the letters required for “1952 MG Replica Specially Constructed Vehicle” and cuts it off at 1952 MG.  My tax bill assumes that I own a “real” 1952 MGTD valued at $12,600.  
    In the end, I compromised with their appraisal and may have set a standard for North Carolina TDrs. 
    I went in with the $4,500 value in mind but, in the spirit of compromise, agreed to a value of $5,000 vs $12,600.  The tax appraisal was changed (in the computer) while I waited.  My property tax was reduced from $92.62 to $36.75.  


    Roy, Good job! 

    I certainly think your estimated values ($4500-$5000) are quite close, based one watching resales… thankfully, Tennessee has no recurring personal property tax system – only salses tax on initial purchase.
    I’m going through a similar exercise, though, when it comes to insuring the car with USAA.

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    Yay, Roy. You done real good, and NC is being reasonable here. $12,600 is just about right for a good running TD, and $5k is, I think, spot-on for an average, good running TD replica. Though yours is a little better than average, I think.



    A little?   A LITTLE?  🙁



    Third place trophy, Roy.

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    Looks to me like just another sterling example of how our “trusted” lawmakers have figured out one more way they can squeeze a few more bucks out of those of us who actually work for a living; so they can use it to convince us to continue to vote for them… and their free haircuts, retirement programs. chauffeur service, vacations (whoops, I meant fact finding missions…)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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