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    Jim Dudley


    I want to thank Larry Murphy and Dan R. for their help in locating and evaluating a Ford or Chevy car. I took a trip to KC this weekend to look at one of each.  The Ford car I could not sit in without my knees being about 1/2 inch from the dash.  If I tried to clutch or brake, my knee would hit the dash. The shift lever (standard) was close to the seat and would hit my leg trying to shift. I was told this is a FiberFab kit.

    The Chevy seem to have plenty of leg room and I had no trouble. The shift lever was also much furthur forward which made it easier to shift. This car was factory built by Classic Motor Carriage.

    Are all the Ford and Chevy cars the same, or is this adjustable?

    Larry Murphy


     I’m not sure about Ford based cars, but on my Chevette based BCW, the shifter is built in to the rear extension of the transmission. Therefore the shifter location is determined by the placement [location] of the engine . I seem to remember hearing other Ford based owners complain of the shifter being too close to the seat, causing the driver’s elbow to hit the seat when shifting into second or fourth gears. On my car,the shifter is pretty much directly under the dash, at a very comfortable position.

     On the Ford based car ,did you notice if the seat was located as far to the rear as the body of the car  allowed? The car could have been set up for a short driver.

    Some Ford based owners can share more info on their shifter location as well as leg /dash clearence.

     I’m glad to have been of help, the more info you have ,the better your chances getting a better car or the one that suits you best.

    Rob Baker


    I’m fortunate that my Ford based kit is an Auto.  In this car I’m glad it is a auto since there is not a lot of foot space for a clutch and a dead pedal.  By the way this is my first ever Automatic and I’m no kid (60)

    Montie Henderson


    Audrey is a Ford kit too from CMC.. At 6’1″ 200# I had problems with the leg room too.  I built new seat boxes lowering them in the back to about 3″ and the front about 5″.. making them angle back gave me about another 2 inches.  This put my sight in the center of the windshield too, with the stock seat boxes I was looking over the top most of the time.   Then I moved the seat back rest to the top of the storage area so it is almost flush.  This gave me another 3 +”.  Now I can sit comfortably, well better anyway (about an hour or two ride).  I had to narrow the back rest about 2 ” too.   You loose some cargo space but you can’t carry much anyway. . I can take some pictures if you want.  Montie 

    Dan Rosa


      Jdd  chevette had two sticks one has about a 30 degree bend and one is straight they interchange I like the 30 bend it clears my radio and ashtray  cutting the seat base is a good thing you can cut the sides to an angle it is only 3 sided  keeping the front part factory height  and cutting the sides to 3.5 inches at the back reinforcing the front with a 1×6 when the car is at rest the fiberglass acts like a spring hinge keeping the seat looking level. this will work with any kit .,,, there more speed parts available for ford than Chevy …than again who wants to get there fast   ,,,I am where I want to be……………. the fun is tinkering …… Dan

    James Cochran


    My Ford 2.3 has the shifter back so far that I hit the seat back when shifting. Uncomfortable at first, but I have gotten used to it. Like Montie, I changed my seat bases and back for more room. There is an illustration and photos in my photos. I am 6 foot. I like having the seat base lower and tilted. I can also now see thru the windshield glass instead of over it.

    Steve Crites


    I’m 6’3, 235# and my Classic Roadster Duchess with the 2.3 and 4 speed fits me just fine.  The only problem I have is with the room for my 14EEEE feet fitting the pedals.  I have put an extension on the gas pedal and now it works pretty well.  When stopping I end up with pressing down on my left foot with my right foot sometimes, but it’s no big problem.

    Other wise, my knees clear the dash and the wheel and I feel pretty comfortable until I go for more than an hour and a half, then my butt goes numb. Not enough padding in the seat. (the car….my seat has plenty)

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