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    Michael Davis


    Has anyone any experience with this type of thing.

    Al Greig


    I did but it was back in the 60’ies when white wall tires were the IN thing.

    Jordan Friedlander


    I don’t have red walls, but I do have the white ones I bought from Moon Eyes.  Do you want em?

    I brought them into a tire shop that tried to put them on, but they were a no-go.  They showed me how they were about an inch too big for my tires, and I read enough forum posts that they were basically garbage that I hadn’t really moved forward with the project. Now I have 5 of them just sitting around.  I tried them on my front tires – 145R15s, and my rears – 165 80/R15, and both were failures.

    Would anyone else like to give them a try?  I’ll sell them to you for the postage of mailing them.  As @oldandslow posted ( sometimes it’s just a bust.

    I am hoping to try out the rubber sticker idea with – they look cool and still way cheaper than spending the 120ish each for the real thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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