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    The Dude


    Hello All,


    Brand new on the forum here. Requesting a small bit of knowledge from the collective mountains of know how. I hope to be experienced enough someday that I may be of use to others.

    I inherited a replica car, I think an MG, when my father passed last year. I need to get up off my backside and clean her up to honor my fathers memory. I think this is a late 70’s VW engine. I would appreciate any help in getting this identified.


    Thank you!





    There is a serial number located on the engine case below the alternator stand. You can look up the serial number on Samba for the year of production. In some cases the chassis is not the same year as the engine. The serial number for the chassis is located on the hump in front of the inspection plate covering the shift rod coupler. You may have to remove the seat to locate the cover plate. As for the manufacturer of the kit you may find a sticker or plate on the firewall in the frunck

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA

    edward ericson


    Looks like a Classic Motor Carriages or Fiberfab. It’s not a MiGi, Allison, Classic Roadsters Grand Duchess or BCW.

    Looks like a nice viable car.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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