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    Steve Crites


    Hi Yall,

    While driving my Duchess this weekend I pulled into a gas station near a large, nearby retirement community.  An older gentlemen walked up who I thought  wanted to ask the usual questions.  However, his first comment was;

    “That’s a factory built Classic Roadster!”

    I was a little dumbfounded at first and my look of surprise led him to start explaining that he was a worker in the Classic Roadster factory in Fargo in the ’80s! 

    Boy, talk about learning some things. Like why they used Chevette rear ends even on Pinto engine cars. (the coil spring and torque tube meant no cutting of springs in rear). And how the same frame could be easily used for VW mounts with no real changes

    He pointed out some other things regarding the frame and body that were not visible to the naked eye but that he was obviously very proud of. 

    I was asking so many questions that time got away from me and his wife called him away.  Sooooo…. All I got was his first name!  The retirement community has 5000 people living there!

    My quest is clear. Fortunately, folks seem to know each other pretty well in this tight knit community so maybe I’ll hook up again.

    Wish me Luck!


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