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    Ron Sparks


    Hi all. Can anyone tell me a soft shock for a daytona migi.  Dont know what is on it now but it is to stiff.   { should have said front]




    Paul Mossberg



    Suspension stiffness comes primarily from spring rates (or torsion bars in a VW), not the shocks.

    Mark (pinkmg) has posted excellent advice on how to soften the front suspension on a VW based TD. Search for “vw beams” and open MGTD Kit car suspension or Suspension/Pink MG.

    Mark also commented on springs for front engine cars (Chevette or Pinto based). Search “torsion bars” and open the “chevette based TD” thread that will appear in the search results. There are comments there from Mark on both suspensions.

    Paul Mossberg
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    Mark Hendrickson


    Hey Ron,

    Yes what Paul said is correct. The kit manufacturers were not interested in safety or ride, just ride height. The “cut one tube and turn it” method of modifying the VW twin front bean is to get the correct ride height only. It doesn’t change the spring rate.

    Shocks only dampen spring movement. It’s the spring rate that is causing your harsh ride. Several of the Forum members have done the simple modification to soften the ride. This was actually designed into the Beetle by Porsche when he designed the twin beam, mulitiple torsion leaves front suspension.

    Keep in mind that these kits are much lighter than a stock Beetle, not to mention the completely changed front to rear weight distribution.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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