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    John Richardson


    Well, I sold the Cheetah Roadster body I stupidly bought (Mid-Life Crisis) in Feb 2015 to a Cheetah racer
    from the Chicago area in June, however to do this (I agreed to deliver the
    Cheetah from San Diego to Chicago area, which I did in 4 days) I had to
    buy a new truck as the transmission in my Ranger went out just before I
    left and I just got laid off from my job. A new (2007 anyway) truck set
    me back having to make payments again so the MGTD suffered for awhile,
    this plus the US Marine Corps HQ decided Auto Hobby Shops on USMC bases
    would be self supporting so my stall fee of $200 a month went up to
    about $300 a month and the Cornels wife decided all the “Project Cars”
    made the place look like a junkyard so all us restoration guys had to
    move our projects out of a covered stall with 110V power and LP air to
    an open parking stall open to the weather. Which was not so bad until
    “El Nino” decided to show up starting November. My Harbor Freight blue
    tarp sun rots easily so the second one now has holes which lately allows
    about an inch of rain on the new floor pans and carpet. Tiring of
    trying to rewire the car with a new rear harness and a used VW Bug
    harness, I finally broke down and bought a dune buggy “Plug & Play”
    harness off eBay. This was a good decision as all the leads are
    identified and so far everything connects (the relays have me a might
    confused) and some leads (to brake MC switch and reverse) were a foot
    short butt he guy did include  pigtails for the gauges (I still hook up
    aa to the VW speedo gauge) and leads for the Porsche 914  tach and leads
    to an aftermarket turn signal/hazard flasher that mounts to the
    steering column. I can now finally see the light at the end of the
    tunnel. Ordered a rear splash pan from MG Magic, it fits VERY well (just
    had to trim 1/2 in from inside sides and taper the rear inside 1 in
    center to where I trimmed the sides. I highly recommend the Dune Buggy
    Plug & Play harness and the splash apron. Just got the good news
    that I can use a covered stall again only for $250 a month so I moved
    out of the weather but I expect  to have it out of there and on the road
    within the next two weeks. Its actually been under construction for
    three years this month and should have been done a LONG time ago. But
    after so much blood (literally), sweat and tears (not to mention MUCHO
    dinero) the “Sow’s Ear” is getting ready to run and I’ve got WAY to much
    money to give it away (in the for sale forum) so I’ve decided to keep her along with a new
    name. I think “Emma Peale” sounds nice, Emma always turned me on anyway!Smile 



    Black leather cat suit…beautiful.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

    edward ericson


    TDr Hardship Award.



    I can feel your pain – I had to take over a year off from my project to build a garage, and have also endured disenregrating tarps and car cover, and wet/damp floorboards. At least I wasn’t paying rent all the while. About finished with shelves, tool stands and workbenches, so I’ll be able to get back to it in a few days…

    Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
    Slowly coming back from the ashes...

    John Richardson


    EmbarrassedIt’s Mrs. Emma Peel You Twit!

    Yes, Diana you are sooo right! It must have been the thought of you in the leather catsuit and your metallic blue Lotus Elan, both are quite exceptional!
    Sorry, John

    But I did pick up today a set a new tar boards (floor insulation) and a rear engine tin to splash apron rubber gasket to keep the cooling engine air in. Need to get a hot air gun from Harbor Freight tomorrow to dry out the carpet. Will install Wednesday (since I’m now in a covered stall, I don’t fear El Nino anymore – come on baby).

    John Richardson


    The Miramar Auto Hobby Shop opens at 1200 weekdays but I got in at 1100 Wednesday. The rain soaked carpet dried out nicely so I fixed few things while my back cooperated.  Last year I inadvertently trapped the positive battery lead under the right door jamb and was unable to run the new “plug & play” wiring harness  under the left jamb. I unbolted the body to frame (3rd time) and was able to lift it up an inch and routed the battery cable and main harness under the jambs, checked for free travel and bolted body back down (this time to stay). That’s when my back gave out again. Today’s project is hook up more wiring, heat the tar boards and lay them down (after I drill out the seat mounts) and remount the front bumper. I’ll pay the monthly stall fee of $250 when my Social Security comes in next week.
    P.S. Taking my weekly cruise up the 101 Coast Road Tuesday from Torrey Pines to Carlsbad, a red TD pulled out in front of me before Del Mar, I caught with before the Del Mar exit. It’s a nice replica and appears front engined ,anyone know who the guy is? Hope to see him soon when “Mrs. Peel” gets off her duff and we hit the road.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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