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    John McDermon


    My Chevette based MGTD kit car is now, at long last, bonded, insured, titled and licensed.  I had to jump through more hoops than a tiger at Barnum and Bailey to get this all done.  Life ought not be this complex!  🙂  Building the car was less work than getting the VIN#, title and registration.

    Still have some bolt-on items and finishing work to do.  Plus I have to get some upholstery installed (it has nothing but two bare seats and a backrest at this point).  But at least now I can drive it and take it around to get some upholstery estimates.  The exhaust system will need to be re-routed too – as I sort-of rigged it to get it past the inspections and it isn’t the way it ought to be.

    Anyway – after some 8 months of “winter project” work and wrestling with the NC DOT for a few months it is now legal.  FWIW, they titled it as a 2009 CUSTOM.  The inspector would not allow the MG TD designation to appear anywhere on the VIN or title application.  But the good thing is that CUSTOM cars do not require any emissions testing in NC – so that was one hurdle I didn’t have to jump.

    I’ll post pics in a few weeks after I get the hood mounted properly on it and add some of the bolt-on goodies to dress it up a bit.  Wife wants to paint it British Racing Green – but that’ll have to wait a bit for finances to catch up.

    Its an automatic – and hadn’t been run for about 20+ years.  Shifts a bit jerky – but I’m hopeful that might smooth out some after driving a bit.  We’ll see.  Engine (bless its heart) is purring like a kitten and seems quite happy in the little car.  I might have a bit of a leak from the tranny – but again, its too early to get very concerned over little things. 

    I’m just excited to finally get it on the road.  This kit car began life in the mid-80s and went through at least three other owners before I bought what was left of it last October.  Many thanks to those who’ve helped me along the way – especially Brad Anderson at MG Magic and Mr. Rick Drake in Everet, Washington (undoubtedly the world’s foremost authority on Chevettes.)  Brad helped me acquire many CMC related parts, and Rick was largely responsible for me being able to resurrect this old Chevette engine and vehicle wiring.

    I’m not sure if I am required to have seat belts.  Nobody has mentioned it in the inspection process so far – but I will install them anyway.

    HAPPY DAYS!   I’ll definately toot the old AOOGAH horn if I see any other kit cars on the road.  Hell, I’ll even toot at the real McCoy MG TDs out there!  lol









    Rob Baker


    Sounds like my story congrads

    https://tdreplica.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=591&K W=RobBaker

    James Cochran



    Be sure to post some pics when you can, we would love to see your baby. If you haven’t posted yet, Paul has a registry running in another topic area, post your registry info there. I am overdue in my updating the registry graphic. Congrats on your car.


    Dan Rosa


    I bet your HAPPY Good luck  as for the trany try lucas you can get it at advance auto parts I have used it in a car lot I worked at, it will smooth out shifting and ends sliping . one question are you close to Cherokee ?  Dan R

    John McDermon



    Not terribly close to Cherokee.  But I’ve been nearby in Maggie Valley now and then on my motorcycle.  I live in Rural Hall, NC (10 miles north of Winston-Salem).

    The tranny issue cleared up when I added some tranny fluid.

    Only operational issue at the moment is how cold natured the engine is.  Until it warms up (5 minutes or so) it stalls immediately if I put it in gear (automatic).  After its warmed up it does fine.  Likely some carb or choke adjustment will fix this – I just haven’t had time to fiddle with it yet.

    Still have some goodies to bolt on the car – but the essentials are all in place and she’s fun to drive.  I’d say that I’ve successfully “replicated” the harsh, squeaky, raw ride of an original 1952 MG TD!  lol

    I don’t think my ‘TD is up for a trip to Cherokee though.  I’d have to take the backroads and that’d turn the 400 mile round trip into an overnighter.  I might could venture as far west as Hickory one weekend though…

    Larry and Betty Murphy a kit car(s) in nearby Reidsville, NC.  I hope to get over his way one weekend to have a look at his cars.

    Still havin’ fun.

    John McDermon

    336 969-0766 days






    Paul Mossberg


    Congrats John!

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to https://tdreplica.com/forums/topic/mg-td-replica-registry/ and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

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