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    greg press


    How do you know if your transmission is slipping on a london roadster. On the way home yesterday it seemed a little funny im 4th gear

    edward ericson


    Hit it in 4th while going fairly slow–45 mph or so. If you rev without accelerating then your clutch is slippingOuch

    Might need a new one, or it could be out of adjustment.

    Look here for tests and things to check.



    Greg,er Please don’t think that I am nit picking but I am quite sure that what you mean is that your “clutch is slipping”.  This isn’t necessarily so difficult to fix.  With a little luck, it might just be that your clutch needs adjusting (it hasn’t enough slack when your foot is not on the pedal).  This is not so difficult and any of your VW repair books will tell you how to do it.  If it’s not the clutch adjustment, it is probable that the engine has to be pulled out (also not terribly difficult) and a new clutch disc installed since the old one has worn to the point that it is slipping.  It may be that the engine crankshaft is leaking and has gotten oil on the disk as the cause.  You may need a new seal else the new one will slip also.  If it is not the adjustment, and you use a mechanic to do the work, try to resist the temptation (just my opinion) to put in a heavy duty pressure plate unless you want your left leg to get a lot bigger than your right. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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