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    William J Collins


    Hi  All…Just got home from the New Jersey Replica Club Meeting..Last month we gave the Design I had made to one of our members ..Who is an Artist of sorts..And he Redrew my design and I think it came out pretty good ..If it’s chosen as official he said he would redraw agin in any selected colors before it’s submitted to a Manfactuer of Badges.

    The ChicagoLand Replica Club had there Badges made by an Outfit in New Englang ..O’Brian Truckers..( I don’t think they have anything todo with trucks..it’s just there name)

    I posted a Picture here and at the MGTDKITCAR Site Bill Collins



    Dan & Marti Motley


    We think the badge design is GREAT! Will gladly take one for our TD. Sign us up, Frank and send us the bill!

    Mark Hendrickson


    You’re right Bill, the badge design John made up for us looks great. Now all we need is a source to manufacture them.

    By the way, John, in fact, is a professional artist and owned a media company before “retiring”. He still paints pictures for a fee on commission and would gladly provide a price to render a painting for anyone’s car among other subjects. You remember the one he did for Dave (Dave’s Cobra) at the meeting a few months ago? We are lucky to have a friend like John.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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