Vintage reproduction gages ~ need oil pressure sender.

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    Travis Towle


    1977 chevette mg td by fiberfab 4 speed.

    My oil pressure Gage is not working at all.  I figure it is the sending unit.  Where can I get one and what do I need to check to be sure it is in fact the sending unit?


    The speedometer is reading 60mpg at 40.  Is there a fix for this?



    If the pressure gauge is electrical vs mechanical you can test the gauge by grounding the wire at the sender. Should get a full sweep of indicator needle when grounded. If not the gauge may be defective. You can also test sender with a VOM meter by reading resistance when engine is off and when running. If there is no difference in readings then sender may be defective. Make sure there is nothing insulating the body of the sender from the ground/engine and there is no gunk shorting the body of the sender with the electrical connection on the sender.

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA

    Christopher Pollard


    ALSO= The speedometer is reading 60mpg at 40. Is there a fix for this?

    Mine does the same thing (CMC on a VW frame) I am only 10mph off though and reading slow (doing 50 gauge shows 40).

    VW based CMC 52 TDr “Miss Gertrude” AKA “Gerty”



    20 mph is a huge jump. I can only assume the drive train came from more than one vehicle to be that mismatched. On the transmission end of your speedometer is a plastic gear. There are gears available with different number of teeth on them. By changing to a different toothed gear you can alter the speed reading. Increasing teeth will result in slower speed reading while decreasing the number of teeth increases your reading. Each tooth will result in an apx. 7mph difference. You’ll have to pull your gear to determine your starting point then see what’s available. With a 20 mph jump you may have to replace the drive gear that is inside the transmission.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

    Tom Vilardi


    You should look to find the manual (or at least an on-line resource) for your Speedo.  Mine (Classis Instruments Brand) is electronic – (a sensor reads revolutions in the drive train).  There are a series of little switches on the back of the speedo which allow you to increase or decrease speed readings.  I re-adjusted once, which made it better but I’m still a little off.

    Tom Vilardi
    BCW Model 52
    South Orange NJ

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