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    Blue Horse


    Greetings All;

    I am new here. I am thinking about building a TD replica. As I am

    quite familiar with vintage Volvos, I would like to use as many

    components from them as possible. Consider the following:

    B18/B20 engine. Produced from 1962 to 1975, this is a 1.8 or 2 litre

    cast iron OHV engine, legendary for its rugged durability, and

    capable of quite respectable output. Stock HP ranged from 90 to

    125, depending on exact configuration. Best of all, many of them

    were equipped with twin SU carbs, for the ultimate in authenticity.

    They did however, have Bosch electrics, a major improvement over


    M40 4 speed manual gearbox. Original equipment with the above

    engines. Has a nice long chrome vintage-style shift lever. M41, with

    Laycock-de-Normanville overdrive is another option.

    140 series front suspension. Coil springs and unequal length control

    arms, neat self-contained unit, with its own removable

    crossmember, which also carries the motor mounts.

    240 rear axle. Wide choice of ratios available, from 4.10 to 3.31.

    With the above come large disc brakes on all wheels, four piston

    calipers in front.

    Early 140 series steel wheels. 15 X 4.5, with seven or eight oval

    holes, they closely resemble the original MG wheels.

    Some questions that come to mind are:

    Which kit should I be looking for to adapt these components to?

    Does anyone here know of one for sale, in the greater DC metro


    What type of rear suspension is used on these cars?

    What type of steering box is normally used?

    Has anyone else ever done this?

    M Watson


    Welcome Blue Horse,  sounds like you have an interesting set-up in your mind and would make a super little car w/volvo drivetrain .  Do you have a kit yet, or are you looking for one?  Most are out of production that I know about but you may be lucky enough to find a kit that was never put together  and can start  ‘out of the box’ with your build.  Be sure to take lots of pictures to share with us and again, welcome aboard.    M Watson

    Keith True


    I think the Volvo would be a real good choice for one of these cars.You are probably going to have to make your own frame,you can either pick up an aborted or abandoned project or look for a new unbuilt kit.A lot of people built these and after a year or two the novelty wears off and they get parked out back to rot.There are unbuilt ones out there,I have one and when I advertised it most of the responses I got were from people telling me they had unbuilt ones hanging around too.If you look at any abandoned cars in back yards take into consideration the prices of the things that have gone bad.Bumpers,upholstery,W/S,top,chrome,cracked fenders,wood dash and steering wheel,guages,and the most expensive,the grille shell.This will add up to more than scouting around and buying an unbuilt kit for $2500-$3000.I am just now digging mine out of the garage to part out,(complete new kit)if you have any interest email me before I start selling parts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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