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    Richard Wobby


    Well Friday was great, I finished mounting my Monza pipes and mufler and took Ally out for a run 100 miles later she is great. I did find however that with the new pipes she has an engine vibration, not bad but I will chase it, once running she’s smooth but at low rpms I can feel it. At 2800 rpms in forth I’m running at about 68mphs when the rpms drop to 1800 I can feel the vibration. motor mounts back pressure. I don’t know.

    The radio and speakers are terrible did I say terrible, terrible would be good they are just bad. I was thinking as the radio is mounted under dash in front of passanger to really just pulling that and putting in a dics changer or ipod jack and elininate the radio altogether. I know the spekers have to go, but first what are your thoughts.  

    Dan Rosa


      Rich ;  it sounds like the new pipes need different mounting, the harmonic vibration in A new exhaust  system is usually a fairly simple fix,  just time !! Remember car companies spend $$$ millions on the exhaust design , maybe different hangers?  I think ,as the radio,, I have  Panasonic speakers clear sound from a Wal-Mart Radio!! have fun and good luck .


    Mel Zeiger



    change the speakers first, after time they need replacement.  I bought a radio on ebay for less than $50 (will install it next week) that accepts a usb memory stick and SD card.  I prefer that to leave an ipod in the car (it’s more convenient and easier to carry when out of the car).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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