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    Well, we’re making progress on the rust bucket.  I’ll post some progress pics in another post but right now I’m stumped on the tranny that sits in this bug.

    I’ve done a bunch of searches on the numbers, type, year, etc. and I can’t seem to nail this one down.

    In addition, to get it to fit one of the previous owners removed the wishbones from the frame.  Or maybe it came that way?  I don’t know since I’m don’t know that much about VW’s….yet.

    I have a number on the top of the housing…003 321 105 1 (not sure about that last number)

    And another number on the underside of the housing….EB0221673.

    Any help?



    I’ve checked all the transaxle codes and part number lists I have and nothing. Although I do not have the Type 34 Karmann Ghia or industrial data. But I’m leaning towards a Type 3 (fastback, squareback, notchback) or a Porsche 9XX something mid engine transaxle. By any chance is it an automatic? Things that make you go hmm…………………………………..  &nbs p; 

    Allen Caron
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    Scott A Chynoweth


    looks to be a fully automatic from a type 3,as previously posted.I had one,and yes the traditional frame horns need to be removed because the tranny is to wide.the drive axles are also 2 differnt lengths on these. Look on the samba site may find the info over there.



    Yes it is an automatic…sorry should have said that in the beginning.

    Thanks 1oldbuzz.  That explains the missing horns.  I’ve been searching the Samba site and haven’t hit on it yet but I’ll keep looking with the new info.

    Also, now that I look at the photo above I see that the last character is an “E” not a “1”

    Dennis Brock


    According to someone else who asked the question, it is a type 3 automatic. (per Samba)

    Paul Mossberg


    Here you go…


    A Type 3 Automatic

    Type 3 aka “Squareback” and “Fastback”


    Paul Mossberg
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