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    Well let me start by saying….I was not ready to rewire the migi. It was the last thing I planned to do. I do not mess with electricity. However, the migi had an electrical fire while parked and battery plugged in, in the garage. Thankfully not to damage and no one was hurt. The master cylinder, I assume leaked oil onto an exposed wire connected to the master cylinder and created a flame. I was left with about 5 melted wires, a disfigured fuel pump(which was bad anyway) melted fuel filter, and a burned up master cylinder.


    So needless to say a partial inspection of wires has been done. I am only working in the hood area. Once done I’ll move to the middle then to the back. I have found about 7 wires that literally go to nothing. Some are ground going from a bolt to the bumper with nothing electrical attached. It’s bizarre.


    My main question is the wire housing with all the little screws a connectors on the fire wall–does ot matter what goes where on that portion only. And by that I mean…it’s a rats nest. I would like to place all lighting wires in a cluster group then move down. So basically relocate them on the screws. I’ve been making a cheat sheet as I go so that I know what wires are what.

    But for instance I’ve labeled mine 1-16 top reading left to right. The passenger running¬† light and what I assume is the rear tail light were on the same screw on down the line. I want to put just the front running light at top screw 2 and on its own screw separate from the sharing wire.



    Have a look in the Library section of this web site where you will find wiring diagrams for a variety of TDRs. Problem that some owners will encounter will be some cars were factory built, some were assembled by owners and as many of the cars are 30-50 years old changes and modifications may have been made so the wiring you find on your vehicle may not match the wiring diagram

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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