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    gil goltz


    Does anyone have a picture in the photo gallery of an MG Magic steering wheel. Would like to know size, color and dish of the wheel. I have a grant wheel on my car, but for some reason I don’t have much room between the wheel and my belly.

    Larry Murphy


     Sarge, The wood wheels you see on most kit cars are Grant wheels. The wheel itself is almost flat but the adapter raises it 2 or 3 inches to clear the turn signal lever. Some others use a wheel that is actually flat and the signal lever is reworked to clear it.That wheel is no longer available to my knowledge. See my photo gallery ,the wheel on my BCW was just like the one on your car ,but I flattened it to give more tummy room.The drawing in the gallery shows where to cut the spokes to allow the wheel to go flat.

     I think you could use a wheel from MG Magic  by only using the part of the adapter that attaches to the shaft but you would eliminate the horn in the process.

    Montie Henderson


    Sarge, another option is lowering your seat and putting it on a slight angle back.  Also moving the back rest to the top of the tub helps.  I gained about 6″ by moving mine.  Montie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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