• Good almost evening everyone! Here are the pictures I promised. If there is anything specific you would like me to take a photo of, just ask. 

    I have a quick inquiry for all of you. Do any of you have a copy of the fiberfab electrical schematics? As I said before I am in the process of removing the dash to redo the electrics, it would be a big…

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  • Yes, it has quite a few deep chips and scratches, especially on the front fenders, and some small chips on the hood as well, not easily seen in the pictures I posted. Besides, I think red is a bit too flashy for Heather, and myself, frankly.

    And I will not be touching the welting (Thank you for the correction) for a while, it is just something I…

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  • WOW! I have got to say I did not expect so many responses. Thank you all for the kind word.

    Royal, thanks for the correction, I did mean BCW.
    As far as pictures go, I’ll take some more detailed ones soon. should I continue to upload them to this thread? 
    To add a bit about the car, she has a lot of work to be done. aside from the paint needed to be…

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