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Hopefully that link works for you guys.

   I changed the oil today, new gas, carb & choke cleaner in the throttle body (A little flame came out and my wife yelled at me 🙂 Fuel treatment etc….

   The old oil was BLACK and smelled like gas! On top of that I left the radio on last night so dead battery(jeesh!) I ran it for a while but not long enough for a good charge I guess, after I changed the oil I went to start it …and nothing. It’s too late to jump it and start it up now, my neighbors will surely kill me.

   Next I have to find the perfect adjustments on the carb, being as wet behind the ears as I am I’m sure it will take a lot of trial and error. But I definitely look forward to the challenge.

   Thanks to everyone for being as excited as me for her arrival! Mel you’re next! Just hang in there, you’ll be reunited soon.