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Paul wrote:

can we send in photo’s now 

We has some server space left for more photo’s so if you want to send me photos, I’ll post them up or you can use the photo gallery here in the forums to post photos.


I am willing to send in more $ for another year, with everyones help this should make it easier on you.

 Every donation is much appreciated


Pink MG wrote:
I’ve tried several times to donate funds via the “Donate” button and it seems not to work for me. 

What’s the secret? Can I mail a check?


The Donate button is an embeded code that links to paypal, you may have spyware protection blocking the redirect taking you to the paypal site.

Yes you can mail a check or Money Order to the address on the right. I have set up a seperate account at the local credit union that I put all donation into until payment for the website is due.