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    52′ MGTD Kit Car Top “Bow Assembly” Is it still possible to find a bow assembly? I have no top at all.

    James Cochran



    Take a look in the photo gallery of this forum. I have a drawing of the top bow set for my Fiberfab made from aluminum tubing. That may help with that part. My new factory top fit the bows perfectly.


    Larry Murphy


     Ktro95, You can probably find all the fittings to make your top bows at a boat supply dealer. The tubing may be cheaper at a home improvement store.You will need a tubing bender like the ones electricians use to bend electrical conduit. You can rent a bender at a tool rental place or perhaps you know an electrician who will lend you his.The measurements from JasCochran’s photo gallery should be close to what you need . Depending on your car and the top you use you may need to make minor changes. Also, while most on most cars the bows attach to the inside of the car body,some are designed to mount to the top of the body.Hope this helps,be sure to ask more questions if you need to and welcome to the forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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