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    Tom Colello


    I have an Allison with the spare tire mount molded into the engine cover. I was having a problem with the engine cover crushing the air filter when closed. I tried using the smallest air filter I could but the edge of the recess in the lid still didn’t clear. The recess is centered in the lid but the carb on a 1600 dual port sits a little left of center on the engine. I have temporarily solved the problem by taking a Schedule 40 PVC 2″ 90 degree elbow and machining one end to fit the rim of the carb and the other to fit the air cleaner housing. This method offsets the air cleaner and allows the needed clearence.

    Anyone know of a good source for small air cleaners as I’m not real keen on the look with the elbow/Air Cleaner combo. I have since painted it black but still not crazy about the look and would like to find a small Air Cleaner instead.





    Perhaps something with a built in angled flange on the filter.

    edsnova2012-07-18 19:53:13

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      VW has a factory off set pipe from carb to air cleaner on some models of type 2 and type 3’s. I can’t remember the years.

      Might try a local old time part store for a small air cleaner. Old timer might know what you can use. Tractor ? Air compressor air filter?
    edward ericson


    There is also a Bus part that looks like it might work.

    That might be my next try.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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