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    apparently my car wasnt sorted out well by the original builder . it had 800 total miles on the clock . i have over 4000 now and counting driving some world class curves here in floyd county va. any way , found my new front tires worn on the insides . the toe in measured 3/4 inch toed out .it actually cornered very good before. fixed that(1/8 toe in) and a brake line blew where it had rubbed the inside of the front rim. fixed that and i lost a fanbelt 5 miles from home. juririgged some bungee and limped home. repaired the fuel sending unit and air horn. while it  was  in the garage,denser foam for the seat bottoms,cut new plywood bottoms as described in an eariler post and it helped enough that i dont need the bleacher cushions anymore.
    hopefully, do more fair weather driving and do repairs this winter.does anyone else have that big silly grin on their face as i do while driving?

    Bill Gould


    That would be me! To celebrate our second day under 100 degrees I decided to drive the Lafer to my doctor’s appointment. Black car. Black top. High 95. But managed to catch mostly green lights all the way there, AND found a shady parking spot. Not even the dreaded yearly prostate exam could keep me from smiling on the drive home.

    1981 Lafer TI
    1600 cc Type 1 engine



    Mike We just bought are second TD (Duchess) and I can’t get cathy out of it long enough to fix the minor stuff


    edward ericson


    I love these stories!

    Montie Henderson


    I think the grin come with the cars.  You just can’t be unhappy in one of these.  

    Out for a drive today saw a familar ft end in the rear view mirror, another TD.  Pulled of and met a guy local here with a Migi.  Told him about the forum, hope he joins, Ohio needs members.  I think he said he bought a couple years ago un-running, found a NOS crate motor and put it in.  His needed a good polishing to bring it back shinny, but still a nice car.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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