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    i have been following the wire wheel thing and came across 5 -48 spoke Austin Healey wheels and some tr4 adapters so far. im thinking of welding a ring to give it more outside diameter and drill it 130mm. perhaps the blank drum might be simpler (kISS).the rear wheel austin healey adapters have a 5×5″ bolt pattern but would widen the track by  a…[Read more]

  • mike replied to the topic Wire Wheels in the forum General Discussion 11 years, 4 months ago

  • i have put my wiring off for maybe too long. when i bought my car the dash was missing and all the wires hanging loose. so i put it together best i could and had everything working for a time. the the horn quit, later the wipers. after replacing some fuses that kept blowing. i must have pulle too hard on the harness , now nothing works but the…[Read more]

  • i clicked on the donate button and nothing happens. what did i do wrong?

  • MAN….you guys have me thinking back about the cars ive had in the past including hemi powered astra j-5(kellison) kit car i built in the late sixties, it was an automatic from a 300-c that i junked for the engine.very very fast…….long story . another notable was a redd63 ford r code 427 and my father bought a 62 390-375hp 4speed 4dr sedan…[Read more]

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    i also have camaro/firebird back seat in the works and got the seat harness and associated hardware as well. are you going to use the shoulder harness ? it appears you can reverse the brackets on the top corners where they bolt in and  have a tidy setup assuming a suitable anchor can be found for the reel. have you found a suitable way to mount…[Read more]

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    cool……..easy to order

  • nice looking car, looks like newer than a 69,(dual port heads)anyway, i live near your route and in floyd county va and would normally be availble to assist you if needed. however i will be in san diego that week getting a tan. a spare fanbelt some tools. maybe a jack……lady luck.whatever you can carry with you for emergencies. hope you love…[Read more]

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    thanks for looking out for us. it seems spam creeps into everything nowdays

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    i had to replace my pedal assembly .there are a couple posts and pics if you do a search on this site. found a good used one on ebay . basicly there are two different ones, early and late model. i think about 1968 and later have a mount for the gas pedal built onto it. that piece of  “mangled angle” is used to keeep the pedals from falling f…[Read more]

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    under the pedal assembly is a small piece of metal bolted to the floor that keeps the pedals from falling rearward too much. on the stock vw i believe it was welded to the floorpan.perhaps you could elongate the holes for some adjustment or whack it with a hammer and steel rod.HOWEVER, dont let the clutch pedal fall  or it will come loose in the…[Read more]

  • i have jc taylor thru farm bureau. $180 a year for a car valued at $5000.new policy so i cant say if they are good or bad . they do insure kit cars(mine).

  • my dash mounted  mirror has a good rear view , a little distorted thru the plastic rear window. perhaps i have a different spare mount than you. i also have the fender mounts for looks and a little convex mirror mounted to my left side wind wing. just a little peel and stick thing about 1-1/2 ” in diameter but it close enough to offer a good view.

  • the original td wheel has a key way and hex nut  and not much else.no wiring for horn or turn signals. probably easier to get a complete td shaft ans use a remote or aftermarket horn and signal switches. then there is the extra diameter to deal with, maybe raise the whole assembly up higher .

  • the stock td wheel i have is 16 1/2″

  • i just replaced the 30 pict1 on my 1600 sp with a universal fit 30 pict something and had no real trouble reaching the hold down nuts. it is my understanding that a 30 pict 1,2 or 3 are for a single portand a 34 pict id dual port and not inter changable without an adapter of some sort. there are some experts on this site that can give you details…[Read more]

  • just want to mention before any welding to check the pinion angle, so you dont have drive line vibration problems. google it and get lots of info. you are gonna have a great car from what i see so far. quick,light and well engineered

  • mike replied to the topic wild ride in the forum VW Based Kits 12 years, 4 months ago

    i do carry a sissors jack , a tool box , a spare coil and distributor (in case the electronic one melts) and yes, ive heard the(kinney rodgers) song……  “with four hungry children and a crop in thu field”

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    plexiglass… why didnt i think of  that

  • mike replied to the topic Convertible Top in the forum TD Replicas 12 years, 4 months ago

    i had a similar problem with the top , however, mine was an old top. the strip would ooze out of the channel at speed. my fix was to replace the strips that go into the loop on the front edge,which were made of cardboard with some masonite i cut on the table saw and sanded the sharp edges . was a little trial and error getting just the right size…[Read more]

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