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    greg press


    Does anybody know of a website that tells you all of the car shows in your area. Last year i went to alot of car shows in western new york during the show some one would put a sheet of paper inn my car telling me about a car show that was comming up .Some i went to.It would seem to me it would be easier for the car owner to choose if something like this would exist .alot of time it is word of mouth .

    think spring   

    Paul Allain


    Try this site. 

    Then on the sidebar on the right choose your State. I’m sure it wont give all of the shows in your area. It doesn’t in my area.

    edward ericson


    That’s a pretty serious listing though. Thanks for the link.



    Montie Henderson


    Greg, each season I just do a google search for my local area, use several key words ie: car shows, swap meets, cruise ins etc.  

    The best one for my area is Country Crusin’  the guy that keeps it up to date travels around during the spring and summer takin pictures and updating all the shows he hears about or from flyers.   



    In the southeast I use the site. It lists all VW shows from VA to FL for the whole year.

    Allen Caron
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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