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    Richard Wobby


    No I haven/t died and I haven’t lost interest. Currently I am running a campaign for a friend who is running for lt gov of Vt. It has been all consuming. I’ve been involved in a mine disaster for the last 3 weeks and I also had a son enlist and is at Fort benning. I’ve had Ally out quite q few times. Band aided a few things to get me thru Carlisle so I can see what the pros do(you guys) I decided I didn’t want to start something and find out I I liked yours better. Mrs Wobby is loving it. Ally is a great girl and runs like a top. Yeah i’ve been caught out there a few times and just went back a pulled her home. No big deal. I am arriving in Carlisle on Wednesday and driving to Harrisburg flying to Fort Benning see my son graduate on thursday and Friday and flying back fri pm will arrive back at carlisle. I am so looking forward to meeting you all and sharing stories. I’m motorhoming it and hope to have you all over for brown bottles and chips. Frank I got caught up in everything going on and will make a donation to the site as soon as I see you or Paul. Whoever has the grill badges I want another. Ohhh I cant wait. See you all there. 

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