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    Montie Henderson


    I seem to remember someone using a chrome fender welting to trim out their dash.  Can’t remember who it was???  Anyway, I’m going to try to cut a glove box in Audery’s dash.  Looking for something to trim it out.  I’ve been watching ebay for a real TD’s glove box door or trim to pop up but nothing.  Any suggestions??   Montie

    Larry Murphy


     Montie, Look in Chevy/Ford kits under BCWdash project.

    edward ericson


    Montie, I used fender welt to trim the perimeter of my dashboard. Here are the pics.

    Ringo has the champion dash construction though and I plan to follow his lead later this year when I make a new one with a glove compartment.

    Toward that eventuality, I did manage to score a real TD dash on ebay. Pretty beat up, but it did include the chromed brass bead around the outside, as well as the smaller bead(s) around the glovebox door. Not sure If I’ll be able to use it (pretty pitted). But seeing it up close, it’s clear to me that any kind of stainless steel or chromed sheet metal could serve as well. Polished aluminum might even do.

    I will be looking for 3/8-inch or half-inch wide tie-down straps or other such things at the scrap yards.

    The originals had the chrome piece nailed to the edge of the dash, with a tiny, rolled-over bead just past flush. Then there was a second trim piece–a windlace or welt-shaped thing made with a strip of the interior vinyl rolled over very small rubber tubing. That piece was wedged between the back of the dash and the scuttle. So the vinyl bead covered most of the metal edge (and the little brass tacks or nails affixing it, one supposes), with just the rounded bead visible underneath it.

    If you want I might be able to get a template from the original, showing the size and location of the glove box door. This may not be ideal for our cars, however, as our dashboards are a little different (bigger, I think) and–as Ringo discovered–the area under the scuttle is a bit different too. So I’ll repeat his advice: measure a lot of things, on different angles, and make cardboard or foam mock-ups before constructing anything out of walnut or other expensive wood…

    Post pics & stories.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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