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    Forgive this noob if this isn’t worthy of a new topic — I can’t find relevant comment on the forum (yet).  I recently bought a 1980 fiberfab replica on a VW platform.  The fiberglass has areas of crazing/spidering.  I’m trying to get a handle on the cause (and cure) before having fiberglass repair work done on it.

    My seller is the 2d or 3d owner and says he converted the wheels to a wider rim and tire from the “tall skinny tires usually seen on the TD with Uniroyal tiger P195/75R-15 mounted on aluminum “special edition” mag wheels.”<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>He relates that he made the change because it held the road better and felt better at the wheel.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>And that the spidering was present when he bought it, and he didn’t notice it getting any worse.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>But he also drove it little.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>He speculates that it may have been caused by vibration due to mal-alignment and that the prior wheels/tires were notoriously difficult to align and maintain such.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Some others suggest that alternatively it could be a common defect in this manufacturer’s engineering or product and that regardless of alignment, balancing, or other vibration cure attempts, if repaired it might well re-occur.

    I gather that the older fiberfabs such as this 1980 are more respected than the later CMC products, but does anyone have any info or insight on my 1980 spidering situation and the prospect of repaired fiberglass just re-spidering on me?

    Thanks in advance.


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