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    Good evening all..

    I recently purchased a MG-TD replica (VW) in Florida, and had it shipped up to Pennsylvania. It arrived last Saturday afternoon. As the car carrier (six cars) arrived at my house, I noticed that my car, being the smallest, had been positioned in a nose up 45 degree angle on the truck.When the driver got out of the cab, his first words were, “we have a little problem”.

     He explained that the car had been riding like that for 2 days and nights, and had drained all of its gas onto the car below it.

    Not knowing any better, I allowed him to back my car off the truck. I then noticed the oil. Aparently, 2 or so quarts of gas had backed up thru the fuel pump and Carb and entered the oil pan. The oil, now totaly diluted by the gas, spewed out thru the seals on the engine once he started it, and now covered the car below it with oil, as well as gas.

    The car sputtered to a stop, the remaining gas in the line now exhausted. The truck crew handed me the papers, and drove away.

    I turned around, and noticed my wife looking at me through the living room window. I have seen that look before…

    To be continued……

    Larry Murphy


     WOW!!! With a start like you have had , things can only get better.I guess it goes without saying ,but you need to drain the engine and put in fresh oil before it is started again. Keep us posted as to how it turns out.We will all hope for the best.

                            Larry M.

    Richard Wobby


    Sorry for your mis-fortune. Any trouble you go through will certainly be worth it. I got mine in October. Have owned or restored other cars in the past. and I’ll tell you right now this is certainly the one I’ve had the most fun with. And its only been 6 months and cold weather. I was going to do some small repairs and clean it up for carlisle, Have since re thought that. I will wait till I have a chance to look at all your different cars and see what touches are applicable to mine and start from there. Oh R and D is fun. Hope to see you in Carlisle keep smilin

    Mark Hendrickson


    WOW! What a nightmare. 

    “we have a problem”… he meant, “I have a problem”. I’d have never signed for the car without writing on the receipt that the car was damaged as a result of the way it was transported.

    These guys are supposed to be bonded and insured…I’d file claims in PA and FL.

    Good Luck…follow Larry’s advice.

    Dan Rosa


      Skater shipping a car can be trouble just think of the guys car that got leaked onat least hydro lock is an easy fix and you wanted to change the oil anyway I had mine shipped in from calf. to Tenn.   I had no trouble with the trucking company . I Guess I Was Lucky   –  Dan R   P.S         have fun with her

    edward ericson


    I’m trying to imagine the thought process going on in the head of the guy who decides, “oh, we’ll just wedge this midget roadster in here like a book on a shelf.” Like nobody could foresee that standing a car on end might cause fluid transference issues.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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