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    Mel Zeiger


    When we finally relocate to Florida I was thinking of buying a set of hydraulic car dollies to for my TD.  This would allow me easily to move it and use my garage space more efficiently.  I have no experience with them.

    Any pros or cons with my idea?

    any advise?


    Greg Stickney


    You can get the rollaround dollies at Summit Racing. See me when you get here


    Mark Hendrickson


    I got some expensive “static” dollies that don’t take up as much room. The hydraulic ones are nice, but I needed something compact. With mine, you have to jack the car up to get them under the tires.

    They have needle bearing casters and are rated over 6,000 lbs. Way overkill for these cars.

    For light little cars like the TD replica’s, a set from Harbor Freight may be the cheapest and very adequate.

    A friendly tip: get them with hard rubber, not metal casters, whatever you get.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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