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    Dan Rosa


     Help . I can’t figure this one out my ignition module lasts only about 1000. miles and drives me crazy, it dies ,,I have tryed factory and more expencive after market same thing 1000. miles has anyone had this trouble ??????????  with there chevette powered cars,, I was thinking under the hood gets to hot ??????????  Dan R

    Peter C. King


    Where is your module mounted? They have to be remote from the engine. They are an integrated circuit that is very heat sensitive. Cross a given temp and the are toast. 

    Try relocating the module. If it’s on the block, you have your answer.

    Dan Rosa


     It  is under the cap as all stock 1.4 chevette’s are I guess i could move it  Dan



    Dan you might want to post it also at the chevette forum.




    Scott A Chynoweth



    I am going to assume it’s an HEI ignition.I have never had a module fail.Be sure you have the corect heat sinc dialectric grease between the module and mounting surface without it they will burn out.Also check your power lead to the dizzy should have 12 volts,less could cause an issue.My next check would be the coil could have an internal short causing the module to blow.Oh also check the leads that plug into the module a cracked wire will cause a short.

    Rob Baker



    When you turn off the Ignition key does it kill the power to the module?

    Constant power to the module could be your issue.

    edward ericson


    I had a couple GM HEI units fail me way back in the ’80s. Never figured it; I was also broke then so I went back to a points system for about 15 years and ended up finally getting one of those aftermarket Crane modules, which worked well.

    Looking back I wonder if maybe my regulator was hinky, or maybe the coil? Something is zapping it, probably. I’d look for short circuits and see if the other elements that feed the module are all on the square.

    That dielectric grease tip is also not something to ignore. Get the right kind of grease and schmeare the heck out of the bottom of the chip before you set it in.

    Dan Rosa


      I’m going to try all hints and hope for the best ,,,,,,  Dan

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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