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    This was Roxie. Saddly she moved on to a new home some time ago. She is dearly missed.



    My wifes ’72 Super before


    Her ’72 Super after. Again gone but not forgotten.


    81 Vanagon. Best $1200 I ever spent on a vehicle. Loved camping next to 50k campers at the lake in this.  Kids called it “The Hippy Van”


    This is the ’73 that was given to us. Was going to be my son’s first car but the job move from IL to TX forced me to get rid of it before i was finished.


    And somewhere I have pics of our ’74 VW Thing. It’s the toy I kept when we made the move from IL to TX.
    edward ericson


    ve the Van epecilly. Neat VWs.

    john barry


    great shots   thx for posting!

    john barry


    ok I guess I am next are “some” of my  past  rides



    My first car  was a Fiat 600 and somewhere along the way the Daimler and a few others


    jebarry2012-02-18 14:09:50

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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