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The Sow's Ear seat

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    John Richardson


    What I am finally ending up with is cutting down each John Deere garden tractor seat to the horizontal base and attaching the MIGI cushions I had recovered. I hated to cut down the new John Deere seats but they were one piece and the backs too vertical. They did not fit into the pan cutouts so Saturday morning I started hacking. The red lines of attached photo of the yellow seat show what needed to be removed. The other attachment of someone else’s car show the cushion style I am using. After rough cutting the seat bases I placed them in the car and sat the cushions on, looks good. I am still rigging the steering wheel so holding that thru the dash and sitting on the cushion the shifter “Falls readily to hand”as they say, plenty of leg clearance. Once I bolt them in and get the VW Bug seatback covered I’ll do another post.  The John Deere sets flip  forward and the adjusting rails already attach to the seat bottom but I may have to raise the seat 1 to 2 inches.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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