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    edward ericson


    Heading into Balto this a.m. I look down to discover my oil pressure gauge reads 0. Same thing the Volts.

    Pulled over and check the belt, everything spinning nicely in the engine bay; figure it’s a loose wire or a fuse, finish my trip, check the fuse, no love.

    Hour or two later I’m heading home. Now I got no volts, no oil pressure, no tach, no idiot lights (oil pressure/temp and the gen) and the gas gauge sinks to empty. Also no turn signals, brake lights, headlights.

    The emergency flashers work. Didn’t check the wipers ’cause I had the windscreen folded flat & wasn’t sure if there’d be any other trouble.

    Made it home no trouble but feeling a little stressed about it.

    So. Guessing it’s a major ground up there but thought I’d see in anyone has any other ideas. I’m too bushed to climb in there upside down tonight and start the search.

    Montie Henderson


    Ed, mine did something similar a while back.  I lost all gages turn signals and horn do to one spot.  It was the common wire under the fuse block.  It had came un-sodered (do to lack of any other term).  I used a stick light to chase down which spot had to be re soddered.  Easy fix,  pain in the #$%^& to find.



    I think you probably have a problem with your fuse panel.  I had to replace mine once and couldn’t find the exact one so I had to put in two smaller ones, in series, in order to house all the fuses. By the way, I finally found a suitable mechanical trip-reset VDO speedometer on Craigs list but had to enlarge the hole in the dash board a bit to accomodate its larger diameter. It works great and so from now on if anyone else asks me how do I know how fast I’m going I no longer have to answer, “By the Wind.” Smile

    Randy in Chandler Arizona, great B-bopp'in teritory. I must have the only one in the country made by Rich Industries in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on a 1986 Ford Cortina (english ford escort) It's a 1600cc straight four cylinder front engne, 4 speed, changed from right side driver to left side with several shafts and u-joints. BEBOP because I once had an MGB with license plate MG-BEPOP in Virginia.

    edward ericson


    Thanks, Randy. Bridget has but 6 fuses, so I think any new panel will probably expand the number. She’s good to go for now though. It was a hot wire into one of the fuse blocks–too much wire for the hole, maybe, so probably a good thing to split that one into two or more fuses. I’ll get to it when I redo the dash.

    What speedo do you have, BTW? Mine’s from a 72 Bug. I refaced it white. I also have a chrome bezel for it. No re-settable trip odometer but it does have an integral fuel gauge & reads pretty honestly to 100 mph. It’s also just shy of the diameter of the original TD speedo. Close enough for govt. work, I say.

    edsnova2012-03-18 10:21:29

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