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  • Guys, I really appreciate the insite. I buy most of my parts from a local supplier in the Houston, Tx. area. My mechanic friend that’s working on the motor said the adjusters should be replaced and the ball swivel type were the only ones in stock. I wanted to get the engine sealed up asap so I purchased the swivel type and it’s just not working…[Read more]

  • I was told these ball swivel adjusters were a replacement for the stock adjusters that were more friendly to the valve train geometery. Supposedly, the stock pushrods are usable.

  • NOS heads are stock 1600 dual port type 1 and a new set of valves,springs,retainers and keepers.

  • When I bought the car, it had been parked in a garage for way more hours than it had been driven. The battery would crank the car, but was old. I purchased a new battery and cables and the neg. cable bolted to a reinforced part of the floorpan. That ground is good. However I took for granted that the motor to floorpan ground was also good. Thanks…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the input. The generator on my MIGI is not putting out the full 14.2 volts, or I’d probably leave well enough alone. With the engine idiling, the turn signals will come on but will not flash until reving the engine. Same for the horn, it won’t honk at idle, but is nice and loud at higher RPMs. I’d rebuild the generator, but an…[Read more]

  • Since I first posted this question, I’ve been told that Volkswagen changed to an alternator with an integral (internal) regulator in late 1974. If this is true, do the numbers on the alternator tell if it does or dosen’t have an internal regulator? Oh! the price we pay when we choose to take the cheap route.

  • Here’s a couple of wire wheel suppliers
    Both offer tru knock-off wheels. A splined hub that bolts to your bolt pattern and the wheel slips over the spline and a knock 0ff holds them on. Call your banker first, cause they ain’t cheap. They are however, drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Check Speedway Motors in Nebraska. They still carry the old flat style wheels that were copies of the Bell flat track type wheels. They’re not nearly as attractive as the banjo wheel, but they are not as expensive either. Also check out some of their other items. I bought a momometer(round themometer) for the top of my Migi grille shell.

  • Thanks Rich,
    I finally figured it out. I’m not really that stupid. Well!!!!! nearly.

  • Paul,
    I thought I was in the TD Registry when I filled out the membership application on this site. However, I don’t see my name listed. When I click on the if not “click here”, I just get the list. How do I register?

  • Unlike the Honda 4 cylinder bike with 4 carbs, the VW with duals are sync’d one at a time. Therefore, I will only need 1 tool? I don’t mind the extra expense for the right tool, I just hate to buy the wrong one first. I knew with all the dual carbs out there someone had the right answer. I really appreciate it. 

  • Come on Guys! I’m dealing with a large group of VW specialist here and no one wants to volunteer the answer. I used a carb stick on my 4 cyl Honda Magna and it was fairly simple. Connect a vaccuum tube to each carb and reach the highest level of mercury in each of the 4 tubes. I’m sure dual carb VW’s sre similar, I just wanr some input on which o…[Read more]

  • Thanks,
    I knew I could count on you guys. There’s a wealth of knowledge on this forum and I appreciate you sharing it.

  • I haven’t tried anything yet for fear of doing damage. I saw the two sloted holes in it but my 2 jaw puller won’t fit, so i thought I needed something special (i.e. the oil pump puller)
    Thanks for the help. I went back through the past posts but didn’t find anything. I guess it so simple, I’m the only one that tried to make it difficult.
    Is there…[Read more]

  • Bill Gayler replied to the topic Engine ID in the forum VW Based Kits 12 years, 8 months ago

    I’m waiting on a front disc conversion to arrive in order to drive the car. When I bought it, I was only able to drive it on my trailer because the front drum brakes were out. While anxiously waiting I decided to due a tune up because the car sat in a garage for several months. In order to get to #3 spark plug I pulled the carb off that side and…[Read more]

  • Bill Gayler replied to the topic Engine ID in the forum VW Based Kits 12 years, 8 months ago

      Thanks. I was pretty sure it was, but either didn’t search the right website or gave up too quickly so I decided to ask the “PROS”.
     Are the dual port heads that much of a performance item when equipted with two 1bbl Webbers (as mine is)? Would the progressive Webber 2bbl be a better choice?

  • Thanks for you reply. I’m spoiled by the quick stopping ability of disc brakes. (A necessity not an option in Houston traffic.)

  • Bill Gayler replied to the topic MGVW EXHAUST in the forum VW Based Kits 12 years, 8 months ago

    Thanks Larry. I feel real stupid. You’re exactly right, the place the brackets bolt are clearly visable. My brother built a 48 Jaguar several years ago and couldn’t find any bumpers. He ended up using 32 Ford repops. Look at Speedway Motors website. They have lots of mirrors/lights and accessories that could work on a Migi. The 32 bumpers would…[Read more]

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