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    Thx guys.

    I will push harder and (hopefully) see you all next year.


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    So Guys.. this is really strange!

    On hearing that the Carlisle event was cancelled I called the Marriott as suggested and they told me that ALL registrations had been cancelled already.

    I then called Carlisle events to get my registration pushed to next year and they said they have definitely NOT cancelled and the event will go ahead as planned.…[Read more]

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    Hi Eric:

    Great to have another in Pittsburgh.

    Bill (Crash55) has talked me into Carlisle this year so I’ll be taking Annie for the drive. Would be great to meet up with you and your MG at sometime (I’m in Sewickley).




  • Settled then. Ordering a new set today. Thx for the referral to Dolphin, I think I’ll try those.

  • Hi Ed

    Thanks for the info. I tried tightening the cable (which I read somewhere) and I have also been told that the angle of the cable could be an issue. I will try the oil and see.

    My mechanic thinks there might be an “adapter” missing from the speedo (never heard of this before).

    Maybe I’ll put a new set of gauges on my Christmas list 🙂


  • Hi Guys:

    I think my gauges are just old and giving up.

    Apart from the stuck tach problem mentioned (needle stuck on high ‘5 o clock), my speedo is bouncing, my gas gauge is sticking (just cleaned the contacts to see if that works) and my oil press and oil heat have never worked.

    So while I was reasonably comfortable with a few not working they…[Read more]

  • Hi John:

    Only just came across your posting.

    Any chance that you still have your gauges?

    Mine are on the way out. Currently I have “Vintage Reproduction” white/Beige face with chrome Bezels.




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  • My TD is named Annie after my late mother and has an engraved plaque on the dash to that end. In keeping with the Bond theme, I also have a 97 DB7 which I named AMI (Aston Martin 1). Not very creative I know, but I did replace the cigarette lighter with an EJECT button.

    Danny II

  • Hi Bill:

    keep me posted on the Pit Grand Prix BBQ.

    I currently have Annie stored for the winter at Wampum lime quarry. Once she is out, we should get together.



  • Hi Crash55:

    Thx for the reply. Moving old face and needle is an interesting solution. I wonder how much that would be, particularly as I don’t need a brand new tach to do it. I know that the current tach is “manual” as opposed to electronic.




  • Hi David:

    Thx for the link. Unfortunately “New Vintage” is another company. I’m pretty sure that the original Vintage is out of business.

    I was hoping to find a used one out of an old Fiberfab?

    I’m also not convinced (probably due to my lack of knowledge) that she is actually blown as the needle still seems to want to move it is just stuck in…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys:

    I accidently “blew” my tach when I was putting back the dashboard. It is now stuck in the “fully on” position.

    I don’t think that they make the vintage brand anymore but I’m looking for one with a beige face.



  • Hi David:

    Thx for the reply.

    I’m assuming that the gauges work (except the temp) as the did before I removed the dash. I will give this a shot.

    I was hoping not to have to remove the dash again but it is probably easier that way

  • Hi Guys:

    I took Annie out of storage and thought that it was a good time to re varnish the dash  🙂

    I took off the dash being careful to label all the wires to the gauges so I can put it all back together correctly.

    I think I have done this but……

    Speedo, Amps, Gas – all working correctly

    Oil Temp never worked so nothing new there

    The…[Read more]

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    Thanks guys, yep, I know Bill here in Pittsburgh.

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    A lot of weird names in Sw PA. You got Mars but right next door is Moon and close by is Freedom and Economy with Laboratory down the road.

    Sorry I haven’t been that active recently. I got Annie out of storage (in Wampum) only to find that mice had eaten a couple of holes in the vinyl roof cover, the hand brake has broken and the under carraige…[Read more]

  • Just had a new one made. Having tried all the usual suspects like safelite and glass providers I ended up going to a classic car shop here in Pittsburgh who had “their glass guy” make a new one based on my old split one. It didn’t seem to be a big deal.Bill (crash55)was nice enough to do a template of his Fiberfab windshield as it is still off the…[Read more]

  • Annie’s home!!!

    With a brand new windshield! Thank you to everyone for keeping me on the straight and narrow. As you know, I spent 5 weeks working with Safelite before they gave up. Then found Fort Pitt Classic Autos here in Pittsburgh via my TDR buddy Bill (crash55). Another five weeks there discovering that Annie is not a Fiberfab as Bill let me…

    [Read more]

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