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    ok got the shifter back together. Onto my last issue

    my turn signals don’t work. When I try moving lever on column I hear clicking comes from silver box I found is the flasher relay. Makes the stop light a flasher when u use ur signals. Lucas 33117. Bout 90$ thru Moss

    also the rear wire on headlight switch gets really warm as if a short is happening I assume in that relay?

    There is also a round tall flasher relay I think for hazards

    and another relay as well there in same area but not all for signals.

    I have the lucky style rear light assemblies and they work just need lenses

    how can I test that flasher relay so I know that it’s bad before sinking 100$ into a new one?

    Of course if anyone has one I’d love to get it for cheap same for lenses and seals

    thanks in advance




    Have you removed the cover and checked the solenoids? Make sure they’re clean. With the cover off you should see if the solenoids are working or not.

    Tons of info if you google “Lucas 33117” including replacing with newer style relays.

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    To be honest I didn’t open figured I’d o my make it worse lol.

    car been sitting a long time ill

    clean the contacts and see if it starts working


    edward ericson


    My blinkers don’t work about every other year. It’s my reminder to go clean and re-do the ground connections.



    Well I took it off pulled cover and sanded the contacts to clean them up.  Not sure if they’re bad or what.  One of the long reeds is bent like it was overheated and linked or bent it a little.  Tried to make all of them straight and clean

    sure is a huge pita to install this thing to see if it works 😂

    Pics on phone can’t get to attach

    Michael Davis


    Sounds overly complicated and expensive but mayge Im missing something. When I rewired mine (vw chassis), I ran a hot in and out of a 5 dollar button flasher unit then fed that to the hot side of the turn signal switch. Then fed left and right circuits accordingly.  90 bucks for a flasher relay? Yow!  And did you know that Lucas invented the intermittent wipers?……and the intermittent  headlights, the intermittent gas gauge, the intermittent fuel pump..etc…etc…etc…….😀😀😀😀



    Yeah it sounds beyond complicated and expensive I ended up buying a 30$ universal column lever with a flasher relay now I have to figure out what all I can get rid of co I have like 3 flasher relays lol

    also.  Someone was nice enough to use a column from a 73 bug so it has the wipers on there also and that assembly is what holds the shaft centered.  Sighs

    soooo since they welded the bolt up bracket to the tube already I’m going to add about 2” of tube to slip over the end of what I have so I can use the cap that holds shaft centered and gives me a place to mount the turn lever.

    Annnnd apparently I have to get a switch to go thru dash to wire up my wipers if I even bother since I’m in az lol

    and I have to get an ignition switch to go thru dash coz all that stuff is in with the later lever setup

    figure I’ll go head and get my new steering wheel since it’s off anyhow right lol


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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