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    Can anyone give a good idea what body kit’s weight is, it’s heavier than I was guessing or there’s some of the surprize you missed this one bolts used when the body was put on this pan. Thanks  

    Larry Murphy


     Duky, I don’t know the pound weight of a kit body, but I feel comfortable saying that a reasonably healthy man could lift one corner without difficulty. If you have all the bolts out , it’s possible that the builder used some type of caulking to seal the body/pan joint and this may be holding the two sections together. Try using a wide flat tool ,like a putty knife, or maybe something a little stronger, to seperate them. Be VERY GENTLE. the fiberglass flanges will break if too much force is applied.

     Perhaps someone who has actually done this will respond with possible ”hidden bolt” locations.

    edward ericson


    see if you can pass a piece of wire around the bottom where it meets the frame/pan. That’ll slice any caulking and find any overlooked fasteners.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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