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    There’s a fellow here in town working at a c-store where I pulled in in The Whoopty acouple of months ago and as I walled in he spouts off “I got me one of dem two, aint drove it nowhere forbout seven r eight years needs to get me a battre fer it tat all it needs to run”. My mind shifts to here might be a steal, and yes I would if your wondering. I spent the next fifteen min. listening to his story about how a bought it and tha its setting under the carport at the house he rents and how his landlord would love for him to do something to get it out of there. After going to look it over I think it’s a 29 gazelle on a Pinto doner carage and drive not a mgtd. Any quik checks by eye that will insure what the vehicle is 



    Notes on his car it is very light cream with brown fenders, seats four, to me it looks longer in the front, and has three flex tubes on each side from the motor compartment down thru the front fenders. Yes I am aware that I have poor spelling skills but I also couldn’t help repeating his abuse of the queens english.Smile



    Three tubes in each side going through he fenders. Sounds like a Gazelle or Jaguar SS-100. And yep…the fronts are longer. I actually have a Gazelle assembly manual I found on line when searching for my TD.

    I usually get something like…”Oh. You’re building one of those cute ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ cars” to which I just smile and say “uh huh!”


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    Larry Murphy


     Look in Washington Will’s photo gallery ,at the very bottom you can see his  Gazelle in the background behind his TD.

     In the VW based section under the post about side mounted spares is a pict of a SS100 Jag.

     These pictures should help with the identification of the car in question.

    edward ericson


    SS 100s didn’t have tubes. Straight six would’ve required them all to be on one side.

    The Jag is also a two seater. Looks a lot like an elongated TD with (are they?) even bigger headlights.

    Here’s a Gazelle, with the requisite tubes.

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