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Wiper blades and arms ???

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     HI all and a Happy new
    Have been trying to find off the shelf wiper arms and blades for my Classic Roaster TD with Chevette wiper motor set up. They were missing in action when I got the car and have no pattern to work with.
    Any ideas for a lead on these parts would be appreciated .

    Larry Murphy


     Happy New Year to you. I may be mistaken, but I think most TD replicas use the wiper assembly from early 70’s VWs. Afew weeks ago another member was needing the complete assembly and the holes that the wiper shafts came thru were the spacing as the ones on my VW based car. perhaps this will give you a starting point. I forgot to mention ,his car was Chevette engine also. Hope this helps.Smile



    Hi Larry
     I think I have the exception to the rule as this assembly has been modified to fit the location . The connecting rod between the two pivot posts has been cut and rejoined in a crude fashion (Two small hose clamps holding the connecting rod together) Plus the electrical connector fits perfectly with the chevette wiper switch in the Chevy steering column .

    Larry Murphy


     Hi, I have learned something today.Smile You must have a Chevy wiper assembly since the plug fits the Chevy column.Could you use chevy arms, shorten them? Perhaps someone knows a source for the parts you need or some other way to work it out. Though new to me ,I bet this has come up before and been solved. Good luck.



    Thanks for the reply Larry
    I was hoping somebody had been down this road before and perhaps I would not have to resort to butchering a set of chevy blades and arms to fit the TD. May be the only route ?. Who knows ?.

    John McDermon


    I used the ’74 Beetle wiper motor assembly on my Chevette MG TD.  But I can see how one could modify the Chevette assy to work.

    Not sure if they’d fit or not, but I bought my wiper arms and blades from MG Magic in Florida. (954) 680-2010 and ask for Brad Anderson.  He is a straight shooter and will tell you if the stuff he has will fit to your wipers.  Or he may have some options for you.

    Sounds like you’re rebuilding a kit car much as I am.  Mine has never yet been completed nor titled. So its up to me to get ‘er done!  🙂



    Thanks for your info Hawk521
     I’m into a redo of a twenty year old unfinished zero mile chevY TD.
    It’ been quite an eye opener to find what some people call finished.
     I’ll give that MG Magic a call and see if they have a quick fix.
                                Thanks again,    AL

    Steve Crites


    Hey Gang,

    I sure hope we can find out a fit for these.  I’ve goggled many times for wiper blades that will fit such a small windshield with no luck. I hope we don’t have to keep cutting down the blades to fit, looks kinda tacky.  The arms themselves for mine were old VW  and they were easy to find at CPI.

    Take care;


    Bill Hursh


    I have heard that the marine supply companys may be able to fill your needs for blades and possibly the arms also. Good luck.


    Dan Rosa


     Hi wiper arms can be bought from NAPA that are adjustable with blades from a VW I had to cut a inch off them to fit. but i can drive in the rain

    Mark Hendrickson


    Doesn’t anyone use Rain-X anymore? Castrol also makes a Rain-X variant that can be applied just before it rains and it too works great.

    In my experience with these cars, the VW wiper assembly is the predominant set up if these cars. How do the wiper arms attach to their axles?

    It has also been my experience to just live with cutting down the VW blades. I have a Craftsman Accu-Cut, a lethal tool if I must say. It’s like a Guillotine mounted in a pair of high levered pliers. It does a great job.



    Hi Larry,

    I have a Chevette based BCW 52 TD roadster. The windshield wiper assembly

    looks like it is off a VW bug.

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