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    Greg Stickney


    Just finished changing the throttle linkage from the Ford issue to one from Lokar. Chrome gas pedal, stainless steel housing and all new hand made brackets. Doesn’t bind at all like the Ford one did, and the response to throttle pressure is quite good. I had to extend the pedal arm about an inch so the cable pulled smoothly, but that was easy. “Chrome” says my bride, “looks much better”. HMmmmm…. I wonder what she has in mind next!


    Mel Zeiger



    Your are the “King of Bling”

    See you in a month


    Steve Crites



    Any advice on the brackets?  I sure would like to update my Ford throttle.  Does yours attach to the manifold like the old one?  If you have any, pictures would be great.

    Thanks, Ringo



    Greg Stickney


    I will post a few pix tonight, but I used 2 X 2 aluminum angle, about two inches long, cut out to clear the manifold. I used the front, or hole closest to the side drivers side of the car to attach it.

    That allowed the bend in the cable to be a bit more gentle, and let me alter the linkage to my advantage. On the hump inside the car, I used to existing bracket that came from a ford pinto. However, if I had to make one, I would use 2 x 2 x 2 channel. Bending the sides outward would allow attachment to the hump, at the correct angle to mount the pedal.

    Pix later tonight.

    Greg Stickney



    No. 014 shows the curve of the cable

    No. 003 shows the firewall penetration

    No. 013 from the top

    No. 011 the slot for the cable

    No. 010 the mount to the manifold. Note the rear bolt hole.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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